Love At First Sight – May Writing Challenge

It was love at first sight. How could it not be? He was everything she had ever wanted in a man. He was tall, handsome, strong. He looked like he could carry the weight of the world on his shoulders and remain unbroken by the ordeal. He was perfect, and in that first glance she felt her heart flutter.

They met for the first time shortly after her transfer from Chicago to the New York main office of her firm. She was late and flustered. After a short weekend in the city mostly spent dealing with moving in and getting the heat and power turned on, she hadn’t had time to learn the subway system yet and it was far more confusing than the CTA. She fumbled with her briefcase, attempting to fish out her letter of introduction which explained which floor she was to meet her contact on, and a gust of wind caught and scattered her papers. She scurried to fetch them back, and that’s when she met him for the first time. A photocopy of her birth certificate blew up against his leg and was trapped there for a moment.

He smiled faintly at her as she apologized and retrieved her errant document, and she felt her heart melt. She was even later getting in to work on her first day, but it was worth it. They met for coffee later that day.

Coffee became a regular event with them. On lunch breaks, she would head downstairs to the Starbucks and pick up a latte then meet him out in front by the fountain and they would spend the hour together. Although he never said it himself, she could tell he had feelings for her too. He always had that shy little smile for her, no matter how bad their days had been up until that point.

He was a very good listener. She told him everything about herself. About her family back in Ohio, and what it was like growing up in a small town. She told him about her first boyfriend in high school, and how he broke her heart when he dumped her just before prom so he could go with Susie Reynolds instead. She told him about moving away to college, and how hard it was to be away from her family for the first time, and about how strange it was to see them again a year later. She had changed while they were exactly the same. She told him about going to work for the firm, and her fast rise to on the corporate track. It helped, she admitted, not having a boyfriend.

And finally, after several weeks, she told him of her fears. That she was growing too old to find a husband, that she would die a spinster. And all the while he smiled his faint smile. She told him she loved him, and she didn’t care what anyone else thought about that. She was happy dating a statue.


In response to Sonia MedeirosMay Writing Challenge



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5 responses to “Love At First Sight – May Writing Challenge

  1. Nice twist at the end! I totally didn’t expect it! I love it!!

    • BabylonMike

      Why thank you. I did think the whole point was a twist, yeah? So I went with a Tomato Surprise. 🙂

  2. Nice job! I wonder how the statue felt about her?

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