TBC June Writing Challenge

King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table Pizza.

A well-loved literary chestnut is the old ‘fish out of water’ tale. Take a famous character (for some reason there seems to be about a 90% chance it will be Sherlock Holmes, Dracula, or King Arthur) and transplant them into a different setting. Whether it be the Great Detective fighting the cultists of Cthulhu or investigating a holodeck murder on board the Enterprise, or Dracula finding that movie theaters make a pretty decent place to hide from the sunlight during those long summer days, authors and readers alike seem to really enjoy these tales.

Usually they are played for some degree of camp. After all, watching ‘that crazy Arthur guy’ running around waving a sword at a bus and charming the love interest with his ‘chivalric’ ways never seems to go out of style. However, these stories do not have to be played for humor value, and sometimes some really good storytelling will come out of such a yarn.

So June’s challenge is this: Take a famous character and put him/her/it in a radically different setting. Play it straight or for laughs, your call. Try to keep it around 500 words or so, in order to promote other people having enough time to actually read your bon mot.

I should clarify: I’m looking for stories where the ACTUAL character finds him/her/itself in a different setting. Not simply taking the idea of the character. For example, Dr. Gregory House from the TV show that bears his name would not qualify. Even though he is basically a Sherlock-inspired character (actually, he’s a Conan Doyle inspired character, but ACD used himself as the template for Sherlock so… close enough), he is not ACTUALLY Sherlock Holmes. You get the idea.



— May wrap-up:

Well, we had zero submissions, which I guess is to be expected for our first try at this. It’s also possible that the topic was one that only appealed to me. Heh. Anyways, hopefully this month we’ll see the gauntlet taken up by some others. That would be neat.


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