Marketing Fail

X-men radio advert sets Marvel up for potential lawsuits (if Time Warner is sufficiently bored this week).


If you live in a major metropolitan area in the United States and you listen to the radio at all, chances are good that you’re at least passingly familiar with those faux-“real” radio bits. You know, the ones where the DJ or on-air personality is supposed to plug a product, and while they are supposed to ‘customize’ the bit a little by saying their own name and possibly relating a minor anecdote, by and large they are simply reading from a pre-prepared script. That kind.

There is one of these radio ads in the Los Angeles region for X-Men: First Class. I heard it first on KYSR where the DJ’s customization included claiming to be a comic-book fan, and then about 15 minutes later I heard it on KROQ where the DJ claimed to have been to three movies so far this week and having seen the trailer for X-Men before each film. After this bit of customization, both DJs them proceeded to the identical part of the script, including the epic fail part which both of them read verbatim.

The script goes on to talk about how the DJ has heard lots of reviews, some of which have been comparing X-Men: First Class to The Dark Knight… and here’s the fail part, “… which is the biggest Marvel movie to date.”

I think that DC Comics and their parent company Time Warner (through Warner Bros) would be VERY surprised to find that one of their two biggest IPs, Batman, is now a Marvel title.

Obviously the script was supposed to claim that the Dark Knight was one of the biggest superhero movies to date. And when I heard the guy on Star (KYSR) say it, I just assumed he slipped up (even though 10 seconds prior he claimed to be a ‘huge’ comic book fan), but when the guy on KROQ said the EXACT same thing, I realized the failure was on the part of the marketing company who wrote the ad in the first place.

Lawsuits have been known to happen over things like this. I just really, REALLY hope that the marketing genius who wrote that bit worked for 20th Century Fox (the distributor) or perhaps an outside marketing company. I would really hate to think that an actual Marvel employee made that mistake. That’s the sort of REALLY easily fact-checked mistake you would expect in-house people to be able to avoid. At least if it was a third party, you could assume they don’t care about comics at all and thus just assume all comics come from the same company.



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  1. BabylonMike

    The movie itself was great though. So there’s that.

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