You know your site made it onto spam lists when…

So, in the last few days, our site has seen a 8000% increase in the amount of spam comments appearing. I suspect this is coming from a few reviews I wrote for critters: the timing works out to look like someone wasn’t happy with my critique and forwarded my signature line URL to some spam site. Thanks for that!

Thank goodness the auto-detect software is pretty good, it stops this nonsense from actually reaching your eyes, dear readers.  But so far I’ve had comments such as the following, which made me laugh.

hotshotbaldcop commented on Brats to say “I didn’t know that.” What exactly didn’t you know, baldie?

Someone from a email address (and thus you would think it would have been on one of my movie reviews, but wasn’t) posted on Dreamchasers to say “Well put from an awesome blogger.” Well put? It was a short story.

There are others, but I deleted them and don’t remember the exact wordings. You get the idea.

It’s not that I mind that these people are spamming my comments and trying to get people to click on their links that I mind so much, it’s the fact that they clearly didn’t bother to read the page they are commenting on. So very sad. I cry now.





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One response to “You know your site made it onto spam lists when…

  1. BabylonMike

    Another one from hotshot bald cop about…the-springtime/ :
    “I never thought of it that way! Excellent point!”

    This is quickly turning into a fun game.

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