Torquemada’s Tale

On the Post-a-Day site, the author at one point challenged people to write in a certain way that is normally considered ‘bad from.’ This tale is in the same form. Comment below if you can figure out what is wrong with it.

Screaming was performed by the prisoners as tongs that were hot were applied by inquisitors with experience. Walking was done along the path by the Head Inquisitor, and smiling happened upon his lips. Nods were given to this torturer or that as along his way meandering occurred.

“God, me free please set!” was cried by one victim as burning of his toes with pokers that redly glowed were applied there upon. “Nothing wrong is what I have done!”

A smile of cruelty was formed upon Torquemada’s countenance, and leaning forward he did do. “Shutting of your mouth will occur,” was said by him, “unless confessing to the crimes for which accused you have been you wish to do?”

Sobbing tears of sorrow and pain were wrung forth from the prisoner’s eyes like rain would be falling from the sky in spring.

Waited for a moment did Torquemada before shaking his head occurred. “No?” was asked by himself, and then did shrugging happen with his shoulders. “Very well then, more applying of the tortures will you do,” was ordered by him to the apprentice torturer. Nodding was done by that worthy, and the gathering up of a whip could be noticed to happen.

A loud screaming from the victim’s mouth was heard behind him as walking away was done by the head inquisitor. Other victims to see he had more of that day.

“Has any recanting of witchcraft been done by this one?” was asked of another junior inquisitor by the leader.

Shaking of the junior inquisitor’s head occurred as, “No sir, afraid not am I,” was said by  him.

Looking at the latest victim was done closely by Torquemada. “Aware of her identity I am,” was said by him. “The daughter of a neighbor she is, and wanted her for my own has been done by me for quite some time now. You will be having her brought to my room.”

“Yes sir,” was said by the junior inquisitor.

Hands rubbing together was done and lecherous thoughts were thought by Torquemada. Plans were made in his head. Having her tonight he would be, oh yes. Definitely having her tonight he would be. A good day was it suddenly, and smiling he was as walking he did down the corridor towards his room.


Dear lord that was hard.

See what I did there? The torture was all yours, gentle reader. All yours.


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