October Flash Fiction Challenge – Sunday in the Park with Freddie

Well, here it is. Octobrrrr already. As I look out my window, it’s sunny and about 85.

Again, I didn’t -quite- make my quota of posting every day, although I blame the novels for some of that. I get into a groove, and just don’t want to stop. In an effort to combat this, I have joined the Post-A-Day 2011 challenge (better late than never, right?) and will be participating in the NaNoWriMo: National Novel Writing Month in November.

October is traditionally the month where thoughts turn to goblins and ghouls, witches and warlocks, vampires and very full bags of candy. Already, there have been a couple of writing challenges involving horror of some sort or other, and I have participated in a couple. I also just finished Starlight on the Water, a sci-fi horror story in the vein of of my favorite horror author ever. Read it and see if you can tell of whom I speak.

Find your horror here:

Starlight on the Water

The Eyes of the Cat

A Catchy Tune

The Windows, My Eyes

HOWEVER! I think that there will be plenty of true horror-themed challenges this month, so I’m going to do something different.

The There By Candlelight October Flash Fiction Challenge for this month is entitled Sunday in the Park with Freddie (or Jason, or Michael, or whatever horror character you prefer).

The theme is to take a horror story, and invert it. Give it a happy ending. Or maybe it’s not really that scary at all. Think Jack Skellington. Think The Sisters Three enjoying afternoon tea. Think Monsters, Inc. Give me horror tropes, but not a horror ending.

Theme: Inverted Horror Tropes/Story

Length: Around 500-ish words. A little over is okay, but try to keep it around there. After all, it is actually harder to write small than big.

How to Participate: Write it on your own blog and post the link here. If you don’t have your own blog, post it in the Comments section (but really REALLY please don’t go much over 500 if you do that).

What Do I Get? Everyone who participates will get a genuine replica TBC noprize of your choice.

Deadline: October 31, 2011, midnight PST (or, you know, whenever you feel like it. I’m pretty relaxed about the cut-off date here). Noprize winners will be announced on November 1st.

So get those fingers a-typing, my fiendish friends, and show me just how scary you can’t be.

My own entries: The Creature Over the Bed and (Week) Night of the Living Dead.


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