Blog-Hop 2011

Haley Whitehall is running a blog-hop today. For details, see her site.

Master List

Mike Lyons –

The Writers Bloc –

Jackie Buxton –

Amber West –

TBC’s Recommendations:

Ken Broad – Fictional Campfire

Ozlem Yikici – yikici

Paula Guthat – The Paula Guthat Daily



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5 responses to “Blog-Hop 2011

  1. Great suggestions, happy hopping!

  2. The link to Paula Guthat’s site just took me to her Twitter newspaper. Then I clicked on her link and Google said it was broken. Can you give me her website URL?

    I’m following her now on Twitter thanks to your suggestion 🙂

  3. Mike, thank you for the recommendation *blushes* not quite sure what to say; I feel so humbled now -especially to be on a list with Ken (the Magician) too! Now I need to check out Paula’s blog. 🙂

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