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Poor Hero

The music of BRIAN


Now that I have this new Ultimate Power For Change known as a Blog, it occurs to me that I can use it to expose you, our five readers, to things I think are cool. So, with that in mind, allow me to present BRIAN.


BRIAN is a folk rock band out of Stuttgart, Germany. Their music is, oddly enough, in English for the most part, and tends to deal with fantasy themes and tropes although often only after turning the tropes on their head. For example the song Poor Hero (a one minute clip of which can be found here) is about a lord whose lady gets kidnapped by strangers. The lord is knocked unconscious in the scuffle, and when he awakes some time later his lady and the strangers are gone, so he mounts his horse and tears off in pursuit. I won’t give away the details of what happens on his journey, for that would ruin the good bit at the end.

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