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Blog-Hop 2011

Haley Whitehall is running a blog-hop today. For details, see her site.

Master List

Mike Lyons – https://therebycandlelight.wordpress.com

The Writers Bloc – http://socalwritersbloc.wordpress.com

Jackie Buxton – http://jackiebuxton.blogspot.com

Amber West – http://wosushi.wordpress.com/

TBC’s Recommendations:

Ken Broad – Fictional Campfire

Ozlem Yikici – yikici

Paula Guthat – The Paula Guthat Daily



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The Myth of Game Design

Games lag behind other media in terms of storytelling.

I was inspired to write this piece based on an excellent post Joel Burgess did on his own blog, talking about Open World Level Design. Go ahead and read it if you haven’t yet. But the thing I want to address is this line here:

We may lag behind film, for example, in story-telling, but I believe we can catch up one day, and that’s a noble pursuit we need to focus on. – Joel Burgess

Now, this is ironic given that Joel works for (or worked for, although I have no reason to assume he doesn’t still) Bethesda, who have created a game equally on par, storytelling wise, to any movie out there (and quite a bit better than rather a lot of films). But it’s probably not the one you expect.

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