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The Hobbit: An Unexpected Departure

First off, let me begin this by saying, ‘Go see the Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.’ It was a very fun movie, and I can’t wait to see the Goblin Town sequence in a video game (hint hint, designers).

That said, there were a few decisions that the production team (writers, director, and producers) made that seemed out of place, strange, or just plain pointless.

Warning: Everything below is a spoiler.

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Posted in response to my own TBC September Writing Challenge: Changes. It’s a little long at around 700 words, but that’s ok. I won’t grade myself down for it.

The alarm went off, and Gus groaned. Just five more minutes he wished, but it was not to be. The Schedule had to be maintained, even today. With a sigh, he unhooked the netting and let if float off. Holding onto the bars surrounding his bunk for exactly this reason, he oriented himself and pushed off, drifting across the room to the closet. Using the straps there, he held himself steady while he dressed.

It’s the small things they never tell you about. When he applied for the Safety Management position here at the utterly unimaginatively named L5-3 Nuclear Reactor Array, the in-company recruiter had talked on and on about the benefits of some time spent away from the pollution and insane weather on Earth, and how big a bonus he would accrue for a six month stint in space. The smarmy, smiling man had never mentioned how annoying it was to get dressed in Zero-G, or to use the charmingly named ‘facilities.’ No, all he talked about was the good stuff, none of the bad.

Still, it wasn’t all bad. For the last 160 days, he had been blessedly, gloriously alone. With the population on Earth swiftly approaching the eleven billion mark and the seas so much higher than they had been even 20 years ago, personal space and privacy were mere legends the older folks told the younger ones, along with stories about how gas used to only be $6 a gallon, and how there used to be things called ‘trees,’ once upon a time.

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