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The Writer’s Bloc now open

So, after a few months of fine tuning, There By Candlelight is proud to announce the opening of The Writer’s Bloc.

The Writer’s Bloc is a place for creative people, writers, artists, video game designers, et cetera, to gather and pool our resources. We encourage critiquing of each other’s work, using our various social networks (facebook, google+, twitter, linkedin, etc) to get the word out about our fellows. It is a centralized location for resources on writing and publishing, a place to showcase your work, and lend each other a hand.

The Bloc is open to anyone, even non-creators, who simply wish to help out. Our online presence is global (ie: it doesn’t matter where you live), and we will be having physical meetings in the Los Angeles/Orange County area (right now I’m waiting to hear back from a couple places about venue).

So please, come one, come all. Support your fellow artists, writers, designers, and other creative types.  Admission is free, and we have cookies!*

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TBC July Writing Challenge – Poor Hero

A few weeks back, I posted about a German band playing English Folk music in a Rock style, and I mentioned that my favorite song off the album was called Poor Hero. This got me to thinking about the concept of Poor Hero. Is this a hero you pity for some reason, or merely one who lacks the monetary stability that he would, perhaps, prefer? Or both? Or some other interpretation?

You tell me. It’s your story.

The July There By Candlelight writing challenge is to write a 500 word or less story that somehow incorporates whatever the phrase ‘poor hero’ means to you. My own entry will be below (yes, below. I’m posting them out of order so they show up correctly on the main page here).

In other news, we had no submissions for the June writing challenge, which is sad. I thought it was an interesting concept.

My novel Blood Fury is almost finished with the first draft. Then I will give it to some people for critical review, do a beautification pass, and it should be out hopefully by or before August. Cross fingers!

Jennifer and I are beginning to work on the Independent Writers Association. More details to follow, stay tuned.

And lastly, if you happen to live in the Greater Los Angeles area and find yourself near the Culver Hotel at any point, the Culver Jubilee at the bar is delicious.

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