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New Feature: The Unseen

There By Candlelight, in an attempt to distract people from the wildly fluctuating look of the site, is proud to present a new feature: The Unseen.

The Unseen is a collection of stories set in the world of novels Jennifer and I (or both of us at once) are writing, but these stories exist only for background and will not actually appear in the novel itself. See The Unseen for more details.


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There By Candlelight May Writing Challenge

Since it seems to be the thing to do, I figure I’ll go ahead and post my own writing challenge. May’s challenge:

The Long Pun.

I don’t mean a pun that takes up half a page in length by itself (such as somehow managing to make ‘antidisestablishmentarianism’ a pun), nor do I mean any sort of Piers Anthony dispoable two line type thing. I mean a pun where the author begins establishing the pun early on, but continues the narrative with no indication of the groan-inducing atrocity about to be unleashed on his unsuspecting reader.

The undisputed (as far as I know) master of this was Roger Zelazny who, in Lord of Light, spent something like half a chapter setting up a truly terrible pun and no one saw it comming. He did shorter, easier ones also, such as the one in the Merlin Chronicles with the two demons racing across the twisted hellish landscape raised a ruckus that had the hero out of bed to check it out only to end up dismissing it as trivial  (yep, it was just one damned thing after another).

So here is my challenge: In 400 words or more, create a story that stands on it’s own merits, and then deliver a real stinker of a pun at the very end that ties in to the story itself.  I’ll start us off.


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